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Hey Duracell! You Know April Fools Was Two Weeks Ago, Right!

I’ll admit that wireless charging is a bit mysterious, but if anybody ought to understand it, it would be one of the biggest battery makers in the world. Duracell has been something it calls wireless charging for awhile now, which

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Need A Gift Idea? Check The Bottom Of Your Mic Case

Everywhere you turn right now, regardless of the publication, you’re going to get a gift guide. The New York Times is no different, and in addition to featuring thousand dollar watches and handbags on every page, the Times also sells

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Duracell Rapid Responder Brings Relief To Victims of Isaac

Duracell’s Rapid Responder, is now on site in the New Orleans area, assisting in relief efforts for last week’s hurricane victims. The Rapid Responder is part of Proctor and Gamble’s Mobile Relief Center, a response team that provides mobile showers,

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Who Needs The Game? The Audience Becomes The Show

Back in the late 1940’s, before the days of televised sports,  my father designed something called “card stunts” for football games at his (and my) alma mater, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  It involved a whole section

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We Like Our UPS Man-We Don’t Like Our UPS Bill

We really like our UPS man.  He is friendly, anxious to please and he brings us something we really want just about every day. The UPS man makes every day a little like Christmas. The UPS bill, however, is not

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Does A New Search Engine Stand A Chance?

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing continue to dominate the world of internet search, with Google holding a dominant position and Yahoo slowly fading into the background.  Lots of people will tell you that the “battle for search” is over. I

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Want To Send Your Customers To The Competition? Just Keep Using “Captcha”

I just spent 10 minutes trying to log in to my LinkedIn account, before finally moving on to something else.  Seems I was working from a computer that LinkedIn did not recognize,  and even though I had the correct email

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Selling The User Experience

We love a web site called  It is run by a well known designer named Peter Buchanan, and started out selling, of all things, axes with hand painted handles. The axes quickly took on the cachet of  being works

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Time For Duracell To Step Up

I was struck by an article in yesterday’s New York Times about the recycling efforts of a company called Honest Tea.  They are making a major push in New York City to encourage recycling efforts for their tea containers, and

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Gaffers Tape Inspires Font Designer

Truth be told, the blog is rarely about gaffers tape, but that’s a story for another time. Today I came across what might be the most unusual use for gaffers tape that I have seen in 20+ years of

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