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A Digital Microphone. Really?

A recent trade journal article caught my eye with this headline: Future mics need to be more digital and more controllable. The article goes on to point out the obvious, that sound is inherently analog, involving the moving of air

Drum Riser Too Crowded? Try Bending The Microphone!

Microphones come and microphones go, but the standard Shure SM57 has been the sound man’s choice for snare drum miking for over ¬†40 years. ¬†Regardless of how many high end mics you might find on a concert or studio drum

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Hit “Upside the Head” with a Mic Stand

I was helping unpack a large shipment of microphone stands recently, when I got a great “blast from the past“.¬† I am always amazed at the sorts of experiences that will turn back the clock for a few minutes. I