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You’re An Engineer? Where’s Your Train?

I have always been amused at how the live events business has allowed such practices as referring to sound persons as “engineers“, and this is a good example of how the special events production industry has evolved outside of the

This Education Starts “Over Your Head”, Not “In Your Head”

An article about a new stage rigging inspection program in a trade journal I regularly read featured a grant program that funds rigging inspections for schools.  It is a great idea and something that every drama teacher and school facility

Outdoor Show Safety Standards Gain Traction

The Event Safety Alliance, an organization headed by Jim Digby, the tour manager for Linkin Park, has adopted the slogan “Life Safety First” as a way to move concert safety issues into the forefront in the minds of event planners

They Do It A Little Differently In Israel

Almost a year after the disastrous stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair, it continues to generate reports, lawsuits and finger pointing.  What it has not done is actually improve the safety of outdoor temporary staging structures or create standards

Sun Shines On The Mobile Stage Industry

Having spent many years in the outdoor event business, I can tell you that there is nothing as complicated about working outside as the issue of electrical power. When you are producing concerts and other outdoor events you find yourself

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Is This Opening Week of Stage Collapse Season?

Last year’s outdoor concert season brought a disturbingly high number of stories about stage collapses.  The collapse of the stage at the Indiana State Fair before a Sugarland concert that killed 7 people was the most high profile, but there

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Watching A BIG TV

I took my son Kevin to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band last night in Greensboro.  I had seen the E Street Band before several times, but my son, who is about a third the age of Springsteen,

Are You Sure They’re Really Musicians?

Like many of you, I migrated from performing to being a stage tech at least partly because I realized that most musicians could barely find their way to the gig, and thus there were real opportunities in migrating from playing

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