Month: October 2008

Hard To Feel Too Bad About This Downsizing

American Express announced today of their intention to reduce their work force by 10%, shedding 7000 jobs over the next year.  It’s rarely good to hear about job cuts, and the current downturn in our economy is impacting everybody. Still,

Don’t Like Going To The Dentist? Just Chew On Duct Tape!

A recent article in Science News reveals an amazing tape fact.  The simple act of unwinding a roll of tape generates X-Rays.  Not just a few random rays-enough to actually expose a piece of dental x-ray film! Scientists at UCLA

Don’t Forget To Water Your Par Cans

There are lots of very exciting things happening in the development of new lighting technologies.  The desire to save energy and use fewer natural resources in lighting manufacturing means that big changes are right around the corner. General Electric is

Customer Service At Lightning Speed

This blog seems to continually find its way back customer service issues, and I guess that it really is a passion of mine.  Unfortunately, most of my postings address negative customer service issues, but I really enjoy having such a

Is There A Place For Us In The Green Theatre Initiative?

I recently came across an interesting article in Stage Directions magazine and it leads to a discussion that we need to be a part of. The article, by Mike Lawler, features Gideon Banner of the Green Theatre Initiative .  It