Month: September 2012

A Round Peg in a Square Hole

Recent responses to an older blog posting about using XLR connectors on speaker cables caught me by surprise. It  got me  thinking about how ongoing evolution in this connector system has allowed it to stay relevant through generation after generation of

Outdoor Show Safety Standards Gain Traction

The Event Safety Alliance, an organization headed by Jim Digby, the tour manager for Linkin Park, has adopted the slogan “Life Safety First” as a way to move concert safety issues into the forefront in the minds of event planners

Duracell Rapid Responder Brings Relief To Victims of Isaac

Duracell’s Rapid Responder, is now on site in the New Orleans area, assisting in relief efforts for last week’s hurricane victims. The Rapid Responder is part of Proctor and Gamble’s Mobile Relief Center, a response team that provides mobile showers,

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