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You’re An Engineer? Where’s Your Train?

I have always been amused at how the live events business has allowed such practices as referring to sound persons as “engineers“, and this is a good example of how the special events production industry has evolved outside of the

Will You Lose Your Job To A Memory Cable?

I used to make a pretty good living providing sound systems for spoken word events and recording them so that they could later be transcribed. I came across a new product today that just might put whomever is doing that

Get Your “Quiet” Idea Shouted From Coast To Coast

After a couple of years of supplying tape products to a high school robotics competition put on by an organization called US First, I had the opportunity to attend one of their competitions.  What an eye opener! The North Carolina

Concert Industry Is Healthy, But Is It Sustainable

One of my favorite industry trade journals, Pro Sound News, does a series of “state of the industry” reports in its October issue, addressing different segments of the professional audio business. We spent thirty+ years in the sound reinforcement business,

It’s In The Bag-All Weather Giant Plastic Bags To Protect Your Gear

It’s outdoor show season, and that means that drought stricken areas all over the country are planning elaborate and expensive outdoor events so they can make it rain. It’s all but guaranteed that 30 minutes before the event is over,

FCC Considering Grabbing More Wireless Mic Spectrum-Here We Go Again

spokesperson for

When I picked up yesteday’s New York Times and turned to the business section, I thought I time traveled back to 2010. The lead story was titled “U.S. May Sell Airwaves That Help Broadway Sing.” I thought that that was

Concert Weather Safety Advocates Fail To Account For Hail Storm of Folding Chairs

Leaders in the outdoor events safety movement have made great advances in the last year in promoting safety in outdoor events when weather becomes an issue. A recent event in Buffalo, NY made it clear that there was one atmospheric

Why Did This Take So Long

Long before digital audio came to live sound mixing consoles, lighting control was being done in the digital domain.  Using the standard dmx512 protocol, along with some others, up to 512 discrete sets of information could be transmitted from console

Outdoor Show Safety Standards Gain Traction

The Event Safety Alliance, an organization headed by Jim Digby, the tour manager for Linkin Park, has adopted the slogan “Life Safety First” as a way to move concert safety issues into the forefront in the minds of event planners

Who Needs The Game? The Audience Becomes The Show

Back in the late 1940’s, before the days of televised sports,  my father designed something called “card stunts” for football games at his (and my) alma mater, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  It involved a whole section