Month: May 2012

Wireless Mic Sales Rebound After FCC Confusion Subsides

One of the unexpected consequences of the restricting of the 700 mHZ broadcast spectrum for wireless microphones was a slowing in the sales of new mics for the first time in at least ten years. An anticipated rush to replace

How Many More Ways Can They Miss The Point

The stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair continues to work its way through the legal system, with yet another opportunity to increase stage safety squandered. A judge who is overseeing a number of aspects of the case has now

They Do It A Little Differently In Israel

Almost a year after the disastrous stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair, it continues to generate reports, lawsuits and finger pointing.  What it has not done is actually improve the safety of outdoor temporary staging structures or create standards

Springsteen Sound Man Says “Just Listen To Music”

A blog posting in online version of Pro Sound News really resonated with me, and I think that there is some information there worth repeating. The blog was a Clive Young interview with John Cooper, the front-of-house sound person for

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Network News “Phones It In”

I recently got a cell phone that can operate over a 4G network, and I am certainly impressed at the speed at which these wireless networks transmit data.  The phone lets me share the signal with up to five devices,

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A “” Blog Post Actually About Buying Gaffers Tape

I have just spent two days trying to accommodate a loyal customer who had recently changed jobs and was no longer able to purchase from us.  He had gone out of his way to ask us to register as a