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Find New Sales Opportunities By Re-purposing Your Products

Several years ago we got a series of phone calls about this time of year from prospective customers who were interested in a product we sold,  bi-filament tape, but they wanted it in a much wider width than we offered.

We’re All “Pros” In The Tape Industry

I got a call first thing this morning from a prospective customer who was looking for a new tape supplier.  That’s a great way to start the day. He began by telling me that he was “firing” his current supplier

Any Color You Want, As Long As It Is Black

Unlike a lot of online companies, we still have a toll free phone number (four, actually) and we still answer the phone.  The questions we get are almost always more easily answered online through our content-rich web sites, but we

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Needless To Say, This Caught My Eye

Tape It, Don’t Trash It: Duct Tape Reuse Challenge Having in been in the tape business for 25 years, we constantly deal with the conflict between knowing that tape is an invaluable tool and having to admit that the fact

A “” Blog Post Actually About Buying Gaffers Tape

I have just spent two days trying to accommodate a loyal customer who had recently changed jobs and was no longer able to purchase from us.  He had gone out of his way to ask us to register as a

Gaffers Tape Inspires Font Designer

Truth be told, the blog is rarely about gaffers tape, but that’s a story for another time. Today I came across what might be the most unusual use for gaffers tape that I have seen in 20+ years of

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Can Some Well Placed Gaffers Tape Help You Get What’s Coming To You?

I don’t watch much television, and if I do, its usually “late night”. I’m always surprised to see how prominently musical equipment manufacturers logos are displayed when you see bands on programs like Late Night With David Letterman or The Tonight Show. While

This Will Make One Heck Of A Tape Ball

Check out this story about a tape artist and Shurtape, and a tape manufacturer in Hickory, NC. Sun Kwak, a Korean artist, is using over three miles of black masking tape to create an abstract art installation at the Brooklyn

These Guys Are “First” Among Our Favorite Customers

We got a nice gaffers tape order this morning from the First robotics competition and we are excited about working with this customer. The first several times we got online orders from “usfirst“, frankly we thought they were coming from

Gaffers Tape Differences

I spend a lot of my time on the phone with new customers. Having a great crew to take care of shipping orders, purchasing from vendors, managing web sites and taking care of administrative duties means that I get to