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spokesperson for goodbuyguys.comUnlike a lot of online companies, we still have a toll free phone number (four, actually) and we still answer the phone.  The questions we get are almost always more easily answered online through our content-rich web sites, but we are happy to take the calls.

The most common question, by far, relates to gaffers tape, and the three different kinds we sell.  It is a good question and it is worthy of a detailed blog post.  Here goes…………..

Shurtape 665 is the best known brand of gaffers tape.  It was known as Permacel 665 for many years before the brand was sold to Shurtape and it is the gold standard for utility grade gaffers tape.  It can trace its lineage directly back to when Johnson and Johnson invented the original gaffers t ape.

We sell it to Broadway tours, major concert producers and some of the biggest video production companies in the country.   If consistency is more important than price, then Shurtape 665 is guaranteed to get the job done.

Pro Gaffer, from Pro Tapes and Specialties, has become the most popular tape we sell and is the value leader in its field.  It’s specifications are identical to Shurtape 665 and performs comparably in most applications.  It is priced about 10% less than 665 and is available in lots of colors.

Shurtape Professional Grade (formerly known as Permacel 672) has a specially formulated adhesive that is designed to work in extreme temperatures.  Production pros turn to Professional Grade when they are working outside in cold temperatures or when they need a tape product to use around hot stage lights.

We offer all three brands in multiple widths and, like everything else we sell, all our gaffers tape is sold with a “satisfaction guaranteed” promise.

Need more info?  Feel free to give us a call! (800-327-4414) is your online source for Protape gaffers tapeDuracell Procell batteries,  Nashua duct tapeBay State wire tiesHosa and Coast Wire extension cordsand OnStage Stand mic stands.  We’ve been selling gaffers tape for over 25 years!

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