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Pinouts App -One More Task Your Phone Can Take Over

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Audio and video pros who have  all sorts of random “how to wire it” data rolling around in their heads can now turn the task over to their smart phone and stop even pretending that they remember how to wire

Will You Lose Your Job To A Memory Cable?

I used to make a pretty good living providing sound systems for spoken word events and recording them so that they could later be transcribed. I came across a new product today that just might put whomever is doing that

If It Works With Water, Will It Work With Sweat?

One of my favorite blogs is Gizmag.  It shows up in my email mid-morning, just about the time I am ready for a little distraction.  This online magazine highlights new technology and today’s lead story was about a battery that

Hosa Raises The Bar With New Cable Tester

Most “failures” of  sound equipment and other electronics are not component failures at all, but rather they are cable failures.  The cables that interconnect system components take a lot more punishment than the hardware they hook together and this is

Guitar Player Too Loud? Send Him An Email!

A recent audio trade journal I read featured the new Mackie DL1608 digital mixer.  Something about the picture at the top of the page really looked familiar.  Reading the article, I quickly realized why. The “mixer” turned out to actually

Network News “Phones It In”

I recently got a cell phone that can operate over a 4G network, and I am certainly impressed at the speed at which these wireless networks transmit data.  The phone lets me share the signal with up to five devices,

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Some Things Never Change

I got a call yesterday for a friend in the pro audio business that I had not heard from in a while.  He called to order batteries,  and we were able to spend a few minutes talking about how things

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Are Virtual Performances Just Around The Corner?

A Tupac Shakur video shown at the Coachella Festival was presented as though it was an actual performance, with the late rapper appearing to perform onstage with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog.  It has gotten notice from all sorts of

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Sun Shines On The Mobile Stage Industry

Having spent many years in the outdoor event business, I can tell you that there is nothing as complicated about working outside as the issue of electrical power. When you are producing concerts and other outdoor events you find yourself

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A Digital Microphone. Really?

A recent trade journal article caught my eye with this headline: Future mics need to be more digital and more controllable. The article goes on to point out the obvious, that sound is inherently analog, involving the moving of air