Month: June 2011

Allow Me A Personal Indulgence

I normally shy away from telling show business “war stories” but this week’s sad news that Clarence Clemons had died brought back a memory that seemed worth sharing. In the summer of 1987, about a year after Harrison Bros. got

Were We There? We’ll, Maybe

I’m a big Oprah Winfrey fan and have been for many years. I even named my boat “Oprah”. I was disappointed to learn that her television show was ending, but I came across an article in Front Of House magazine

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They Don’t Call Them “Swipe” Fees For Nothing

The current congressional debate over the banking regulations that determine the fees that banks can charge merchants for debit card transactions will have an impact on everything you buy, whether you use a debit card or not. Many consumers are

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Can There Be An Upside To Oil Price Increases

It seems that there is a hint of good news to the continuing increase and instability in the cost of oil. Specifically, it is causing retailers to reconsider the use of plastic clamshell packaging. This packaging material is petroleum based

Welcome To Your New Home-Just Don’t Try To Turn On The Water

As a distributor of extension cords, we follow the copper market closely and as the price of copper increases, so do the incidences of copper theft. It seems that the theft of copper from brand new homes is increasing dramatically

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