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Duracell Rapid Responder Brings Relief To Victims of Isaac

Duracell’s Rapid Responder, is now on site in the New Orleans area, assisting in relief efforts for last week’s hurricane victims. The Rapid Responder is part of Proctor and Gamble’s Mobile Relief Center, a response team that provides mobile showers,

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Duracell Olympic Promotion Set To End

Since the beginning of the year, Duracell has been offering a $25.00 gift card with the purchase of $100.00 of Duracell or Duracell Procell batteries.  We have promoted this offer at our web site buybattery.com and have heavily promoted it

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Time To Change More Than The Time!

I’m not sure who originally came up with the idea to link the change to and from daylight savings time to remembering to change your smoke detector battery, but I would like to shake their hand. This is a great

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A Tip Of The Hat To Duracell

Duracell, in cooperation with the Firehouse Subs restaurant chain have a national Fire Safety month promotion that will reward customers who buy a $5  medallion at the restaurant with a free Duracell 9 volt battery. October is national fire safety

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