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Why Batteries Are So Bad And Why They’re Going To Get So Much Better

One of our favorite podcasts is NPR’s Planet Money.  The most recent episode deals with new developments in battery technology and gives a glimpse into the future of how batteries will be made and how we will be using them.

Hey Duracell! You Know April Fools Was Two Weeks Ago, Right!

I’ll admit that wireless charging is a bit mysterious, but if anybody ought to understand it, it would be one of the biggest battery makers in the world. Duracell has been something it calls wireless charging for awhile now, which

Aluminum Ion Battery-This Could Be A Game Changer

Researchers at Stanford University have developed a new battery that has potential to revolutionize how we use portable devices. Their prototype uses aluminum and graphite-safe, inexpensive and readily available-and can be recharged in only one minute. The battery can be recharged hundreds

Switch 8 Has The Potential To Lighten The Stagehands Load

Alkaline Batteries Dead? Don’t Count Out Duracell Just Yet

Duracell is known for making the best alkaline batteries in the world, but new and more reliable rechargeables have made inroads into alkaline sales.  Does that mean that the Coppertop is on its way out? Not according to Interbrand, the

If It Works With Water, Will It Work With Sweat?

One of my favorite blogs is Gizmag.  It shows up in my email mid-morning, just about the time I am ready for a little distraction.  This online magazine highlights new technology and today’s lead story was about a battery that

Duracell Steps Up The Voltage For Hurricane Victims

Duracell has brought its fleet of “Power Forward” portable power center to the New York City area to provide charging stations, batteries and flashlights to residents who are still without power after hurricane Sandy. In addition to charging stations, the

Hurricane Sandy Requires Re-Examination of Rechargeable Battery Use

There is has been a slow but steady migration towards the use of devices utilizing rechargaeable batteries for emergency services personnel.  The combination of more reliability and longer life have led to cost savings and reduces the amount of batteries

Time For Duracell To Step Up

I was struck by an article in yesterday’s New York Times about the recycling efforts of a company called Honest Tea.  They are making a major push in New York City to encourage recycling efforts for their tea containers, and

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Some Things Never Change

I got a call yesterday for a friend in the pro audio business that I had not heard from in a while.  He called to order batteries,  and we were able to spend a few minutes talking about how things

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