Month: September 2011

This Tape Art Blew Us Away

Tape in many forms has been elevated to an art medium, and we write about it regularly.  Simple linear art using duct tape is popular with kids and carton sealing tape sculpture can be really impressive. Still, we sometimes come

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The Extension Cord As An Art Object

I am on the mailing list for a web site called and enjoy getting their weekly updates.  It is run by an artist and product designer named Peter Buchanan-Smith, who has taken practical, but interesting objects, and turned them

This Will Make One Heck Of A Tape Ball

Check out this story about a tape artist and Shurtape, and a tape manufacturer in Hickory, NC. Sun Kwak, a Korean artist, is using over three miles of black masking tape to create an abstract art installation at the Brooklyn

Is The Customer Always Right?

I try to spend a few minutes each day reading up on ideas related to sound business practices. There is an unending source of good (and sometimes not so good) ideas for business management available. One of the ideas that

Hit “Upside the Head” with a Mic Stand

I was helping unpack a large shipment of microphone stands recently, when I got a great “blast from the past“.  I am always amazed at the sorts of experiences that will turn back the clock for a few minutes. I

Blowin’ In The Wind

You’re setting up for an outdoor event and that means it’s all but guaranteed that 30 minutes before the event is over, but well after dark, the bottom will drop out of the sky, promising a load out in the

These Guys Are “First” Among Our Favorite Customers

We got a nice gaffers tape order this morning from the First robotics competition and we are excited about working with this customer. The first several times we got online orders from “usfirst“, frankly we thought they were coming from

Gecko Tape May Have Us Climbing The Walls

If you follow this blog, you know that I’m no fan of rechargeable batteries. The majority of our battery customers use batteries in wireless microphones, and the performance of rechargeables in this application has real problems. Still, we do support

Is Your Church Breaking the Law?

It seems that churches are being turned into lawbreakers by the FCC It is certainly not news that churches, technically at least, are legally required to have licenses for their wireless mics. At this time of year when so many

No Soundman Required

If the new mic preamp device from Sabine, called “Phantom Mic Rider“, can do what it claims, the days of the sound man may be numbered. This inline preamp plugs directly between a microphone and a mixer, at the mic