Month: July 2008

Wireless Warriors Step It Up A Notch!

The interest in acquiring the broadcast spectrum currently used by many professional quality wireless microphones has been raging for a while.  Everyone knows that some changes will take place in February 2009, when the FCC reallocates some of the spectrum

Great Documetaries At Your Fingertips

I watch way too much video on the internet.  Between catching up on The Daily Show reruns and watching my daughters short films on Facebook, it seems like I’ve got something streaming all the time. A new site which hosts

No Wonder The Soundman’s Asleep Under The Console!

I try to blog at least once a week about some new innovation or clever device in the pro sound industry.  I spent 30 plus years as a “knob twister” and I try to keep up with new ideas. Leave

OK!-Who are you guys?

In reading one of my favorite business oriented blog sites,, this article resonated with me. My blog ( is almost two years.  Its a project that I have really enjoyed. The article I am referring to addresses the issue

Livenation-Would Someone Check Their Pulse!

Livenation, the king-of-entertainment wannabe, is setting the record for reinventing themselves. This ill advised attempt at vertical integration in the concert and entertainment business is getting ready to fail yet again. The idea of owning every component of  an entertainment

Making The Case For An XLR Speaker Cable

Many years ago when I worked in the Technical Services Dept. at Duke University, we embraced a speaker cable connector standard that seems to have fallen by the wayside.  We used the standard XLR3 connector for speaker cables-the same connector

How Many Times Would I Have Liked To Have This?

Neutrik, the maker of a broad line of audio connectors, has a great new product that every sound person ought to know about.  Its a new style of XLR connector called the Convertcon. How many times have you gotten to