Month: August 2009

Putting A Dollar Value On Social Media

There has been speculation for months about how a business might calculate the value of social media.  Businesses large and small are using facebook, twitter, linked in, and lots of other social media outlets to promote their products and keep

Ready To Make Your Own Glow Tape

The idea that the products we sell might someday  be generated organically and thus solve the disposable problems that selling expendables cause is exciting.  I have written about this in the past. A recent article in  the Telegraph highlights the

My Phone Needs Another Button

 The ability to make a free (or almost free) phone call by using a computer with a broadband connection is a great innovation. It opens up lots of opportunities for new telcom services and helps keep the big phone companies

We’ve found over the years building “information only” web sites has been an effective way to drive traffic to our e-commerce sites.  The ability to provide information and host a forum for the exchange of ideas is a great way

Blogging For Robot Readers

 I have been posting to this blog on-and-off for about three years and have found it to be a useful way to organize my thoughts. We got lots of valuable comments from readers and it is a good way to