Month: February 2007

Wireless Trouble On The Horizon?

Our primary involvement with wireless mics is as a battery supplier. That wasn’t always the case. For many years we operated a special events and sound equipment rental business, and wireless mics were a big part of what we did.

A Day To Celebrate

Several months back I wrote about our new web site and our web developer, Dale. I predicted that his efforts would move to page one for non-paid Google search. It took a little longer than we hoped, but Dale

This May Be My Favorite Web Site of All Time!

Have you heard about “Wolfgang’s Vault?”. I don’t recommend web sites too often, but this one is too good to not share. When the late Bill Graham, famous concert promoter of the 1960’s and 1970’s died, his memorabilia collection was

No Soundman Required

If the new mic preamp device from Sabine, called “Phantom Mic Rider“, can do what it claims, the days of the sound man may be numbered. This inline preamp plugs directly between a microphone and a mixer, at the mic

Just How Many Mic Cables Do You Need To Get To The Moon?

I often joke that I have coiled enough cable to get to the moon and back. Turns out that I was exaggerating just a little. It appears that it would take about 30 million 50 foot mic cables just to

Maybe Senator Stevens Was Right

Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska will always be remembered for his explanaion of the internet as being “a series of tubes“. He was widely ridiculed at the time, but now it appears that there may have been some truth to

The case for an IPOD case.

Yahoo recently did a very unscientific survey of the kind of cases people used for their iPods, and the results were pretty amazing. The number four choice was DUCT TAPE. That’s right, the duct tape wallet craze has moved on

How can this little tape make that much difference?

I’m not really a motor sports fan, but I happened to find myself watching a Nascar race on television over the weekend. The Bud Shootout, Nascar’s first big race of the season, was on tv and I saw something pretty

Where Google May Stumble & Fall is located in North Carolina. Its my home and a great place to live and work. It looks like we are going to be getting a new neighbor. Google has announce their intention to build a server farm in

What’s Going To Happen With Permacel 665?

We’ve been selling gaffers tape for a long time, and Permacel 665 has always been the first choice for most of our high end customers when they purchase utility-grade gaffers tape. Permacel has had a few stumbles over the years,