Month: October 2006

Answer the phone, would ya!

It’s hard to imagine a more important customer service function than answering the phone. I have been trying to contact a couple of our suppliers (companies that we send thousands of dollars to on a regular basis) and I can’t

Red Tape-Now the Government Is Buying It!

My Google News server delivered up this little tidbit earlier in the week. A federal judge in Nashville yesterday sentenced Natalie Coker to 46 months in prison. Coker was the associate director of the V-A’s Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy in

Net Neutrality Under Fire!

I normally stay away from politics and controversy. Its enjoyable to write about our customers and comment on products and vendors, and that has been my focus. However, today, there is an issue that I feel is worthy of discussion

What Will Proctor & Gamble Do With ProCell?

We are finally seeing some headway on the acquisition of Duracell by Proctor & Gamble (see my Sept. 20th post). The sale of the Duracell brand (along with the rest of the Gillette-owned family of products) has led to a

Planned Obsolescence Takes It On The Chin

I have a tractor. It’s just a small one that I use for mowing and landscaping. Its a 1986 model and pretty much held together by wire ties and gaffers tape. But that’s not the point of this blog posting.

That Duct Tape Is Really Strong Stuff!

I subscribe to a great Google service called “Google Alerts”. You set up your alerts by entering in key words, and Google will send you an email about news stories anytime your keyword appears in an online posting. Naturally, one

Great job, Midas!

If you follow this blog at all, you know that I don’t hesitate to slam a service or product if I feel that good value or customer care are not part of the equation. Well, it only seems fair that

look out google, here we come!

Imagine my satisfaction in discovering this morning that one of our sites,, has achieved page two ranking in google for the search term “duracell”. This is amazing, particularly when you realize that entering “duracell” in the google search