Month: October 2012

No Results For #(Insert Your Search Phrase Here)

Like just about everybody on the east coast, we are concerned about damage from Hurricane Sandy and are desperately seeking information about loved ones and business acquaintances that might have been impacted by the storm. Getting information about family members

Concert Weather Safety Advocates Fail To Account For Hail Storm of Folding Chairs

Leaders in the outdoor events safety movement have made great advances in the last year in promoting safety in outdoor events when weather becomes an issue. A recent event in Buffalo, NY made it clear that there was one atmospheric

How Do You Spell Arrogance? A-M-A-Z-O-N

We sell stuff online. ¬†There are lots of ways to do it and we are always looking for new sales channels. I recently set up an Amazon Seller Account and an Amazon store to sell gaffers tape. ¬†Unfortunately, it didn’t

Geckskin Advances The Reusable Tape Idea

Scientists at The University of Massachusetts Amherst campus have take the dream of re-usable tape another step in the continued development of an adhesive that uses the concept that lets the gecko hold on to vertical surfaces. This is not

Are You Paying To Support “Orphans” That You Haven’t Seen In Years?

In checking over our monthly American Express statement (I really should do this more often) I noticed a charge from Google Adwords for $20.83. I dug back a little further and found that this charge had been repeating itself on

Why Did This Take So Long

Long before digital audio came to live sound mixing consoles, lighting control was being done in the digital domain.  Using the standard dmx512 protocol, along with some others, up to 512 discrete sets of information could be transmitted from console