Month: August 2007

You Never Know Where A Customer Might Lead You

We don’t actually have a store front, but occasionally we do have walk in customers and they are always welcome. We have been discovered by the local “hooping” community and several of our customers drop by to get tape for

A Real Problem

I have written before about counterfeit Duracell batteries, but I had no idea how big the problem really was. Gillette, the division of Proctor & Gamble that makes Duracell Procell batteries is involved in a daily struggle around the world

Maybe The Road Does Go On Forever

After years of involvement in the concert production industry, I gave it up several years ago. I went from seeing several shows a week to seeing none and thought that I really didn’t miss it. Much to my surprise, my

Keeping Up With Your Competition

Its become way too easy to keep track of what the competition is up to. If you are interested in what is being written by or about a competitor or supplier, you need to start monitoring the blogs. Jump over

Justin Timberlake’s Phone Number

If you carry a cell phone, you know how easy it is to receive calls, no matter where you are. Your phone number works all over the country. Folks who use VOIP phone services like Skype and Vonage can plug