Month: March 2009

When It Comes To Keywords, Go With A Winner

If you want something you have posted on the web to be found by search engines, one of the most important aspects of that web page is your choice of keywords.  Keywords may not actually appear in the text of

I Love My Netbook

  I have battled for a couple of years with a notebook computer I bought before going on vacation.  My notebook had died, and I knew I would need a computer to keep in touch with my office. I could

This Will Make One Heck Of A Tape Ball

I keep my Google News Alerts set for stories about the manufacturers products we sell.  Today I got this one about Shurtape, a tape manufacturer in Hickory, NC. Sun Kwak, a Korean artist, is using over three miles of black

We Live And Die With The Arts

We built our online and catalog business with the support of many small local and regional arts groups, and their health is essential to our ongoing success.  These are not the best of days for this kind of organization. I

Let iGoogle Do The Heavy Lifting

Anybody who has tried to us a web service called RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to subscribe to online news, podcasts, blogs, etc. knows that the first “S” in RSS stands for anything but “simple“. In theory, by subscribing to a