I Love My Netbook

spokesguy  I have battled for a couple of years with a notebook computer I bought before going on vacation.  My notebook had died, and I knew I would need a computer to keep in touch with my office.

I could find nothing available that ran Windows XP, so I took the plunge and bought a computer that ran Windows Vista.  I have regretted it every day of the last two years.  What an awful operating system!

I was delighted to learn that Acer’s new line of netbook computers used Windows XP, so I gave their Aspire line a try.  I love it.

Having a tiny computer that is designed primarily for internet based work makes a lot of sense and the Aspire One speaks directly to this new approach to personal computing.

The cost of a fully featured netbook (1 gig of ram/160 gig hard drive) has fallen below $300.00 and this segment of computing is ready to blast off.  Using a browser like Firefox to access online applications like Google Apps for word processing and database managment minimizes the compromises created by this Netbook’s lack of an optical drive for loading software. Minimizing the number of applications actually residing on the computer means faster startups and less time in changing your activities.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has already announced their plans to offer a version of upcoming Windows 7 specifically for netbooks.  XP works great for this type of computing.  Why not leave well enough alone?

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