When It Comes To Keywords, Go With A Winner

ted_head.jpg If you want something you have posted on the web to be found by search engines, one of the most important aspects of that web page is your choice of keywords.  Keywords may not actually appear in the text of the page, but they are placed in the page’s code in such a way as to allow “spiders”, the agents of search engines that constantly crawl the internet and report back to the search engine’s indexing function, to figure out what is contained in the page.

If you want your pages to be found, the quickest way to decide which key words to use is to look at the key words used by the pages with which you are competing.

Do a quick check of your competition for the information you want to be found by the search engines.  Open the top scoring pages and then “right click” on those pages.

What you will see is the underlying code that makes up the page that you are viewing.  This is very different information than the web page you were just viewing and this is the information the search engine spiders will use to decide what is on your page and how to deliver it to those looking for your information or product.

When you search for “microphone stands”, our #1 scoring page “buymicstand.com” appears at the top of Google results.  When you right click on that page, among a lot of other nonsensical information, you will see:

 <META NAME=“KEYWORDS” CONTENT=“microphone,mic stands,boom mic stands,microphone stands, straight microphone stands”>

This tells the search engine something about what is contained in the page and how it matches up with your search criteria.

While you may need to be careful using some copyrighted material found in the keywords of a page’s source code, for the most part there is no reason that you can’t use the same keywords on your page that your competitor uses.

There is no quicker way to starting on getting your pages found by your potential customers’ search.

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