Month: November 2011

Cold Wind Blowing? Here’s The Best $6.19 Investment You Can Make!

Thanksgiving around here usually ushers in the first period of really cold weather. Winter may not be here yet, but you get some hints about what is around the corner. There is no single better winter-proofing product than a roll

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Hey Google, How Hard Can This Be?

I’m a big fan of email (as opposed to phone calls or online chat) and have been a loyal user since 1985.  I understand that lots of online communications is moving to platforms like facebook, but i like the ability

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How Low Will You Go?

When you have a domain like and it includes a toll free telephone number, you get a lot of questions. Taking the time to research customer queries has been a great way to grow our business. Today, we got

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A Seasonal Reminder from Google Alerts

I use the Google Alerts notification system in order to track information about our customers, products and vendors.  It’s a great time saver and turns up a lot of unexpected information. One of my alerts is set to the search

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‘Tis the Season…to be Scammed!

Even though our national economic woes continue to depress holiday retail sales, online sales are expected to grow this year.  That’s great news if you, like we, count on internet sales to sustain and grow your business. Still, there is

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It’s Just Like Slamming The Door In Your Customer’s Face

I have been trying to order some toner cartridges online for about twenty minutes.  I am ordering from a company I like, one with good prices and service.  If  I had not already had a positive experience with them, I

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The End Of “Reseller” Pricing

A daily stop on my internet browsing journey is Seth Godin’s blog.  He teaches simple life lessons  from a business person’s point of view and he really speaks my language.  I recommend him highly. Today  Seth’s posting deals with how

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The 20 Amp Extension Cord Mystery

We have a great line of extension cords intended for heavy duty use.  They use 12 gauge cable which gives them a 20 amp capacity, but we can’t really call them 20 amp cables because of the connectors that we

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