Month: December 2007

Give ‘Em An Inch, They’ll Take A Mil!

No, that’s not a misprint. I really did mean “mil“. I recently came across an online ad for duct tape that listed this information under “roll length”. 60 Yds.-180 Ft.-55 Meters Yes, a standard roll of duct tape or gaffers

Can Some Well Placed Gaffers Tape Help You Get What’s Coming To You?

I don’t watch much television, and if I do, its usually “late night”. I’m always surprised to see how prominently musical equipment manufacturers logos are displayed when you see bands on programs like Late Night With David Letterman or The

We Never Saw This One Coming

For the last couple of weeks we’ve seen a huge spike in microphone stand sales at and our ebay store “buy mic stand“. We had no idea why. I should have asked my kids! It seems the must-have item