Month: November 2006

wireless tabletop mic

When we were still active in event production, one of our “bread and butter” event types was conference audio. We live in a college town and there are lots of meetings that have to be reinforced for audiences and recorded

Mary Poppins Leaps Onto Broadway

The Wall Street Journal certainly isn’t thought of as a source of entertainment reviews. Nonetheless, their Friday edition almost always includes a compelling review of either the best or worst in new film and theatrical shows. Last Friday, I had

Carolina Ballet Takes Us To China!

Sometimes you just have to live vicariously. That’s one of the great things about working with the customers we have. They do great things. Long-time customer Carolina Ballet just returned from a tour of China and they took us with

Wish I Had Thought Of This One!

Matsushita, a Japanese consumer electronics company (you probably know them better as Panasonic) has come up with a clever solution to an age old flashlight dilemma. Here’s the problem. You always have a flashlight around the house, and you always

New stand idea from Sennheiser

Everytime I think that there are no good mic stand ideas left, I come across another one. Sennheiser has mated low tech to wireless in a really clever way with their new line of wireless mic stands. Plug your mic

Consumer Reports Muddies the Water

I came across an interesting article recently in Consumer Reports about batteries-specifically battery life. I had hoped that it might clear up some questions we (and our customers) have about battery life. Unfortunately, it did just the opposite. In a

Isn’t the Internet Just A Series Of Tubes?

One of the most interesting stories floating around the net today involves a little company called U Tube. No I’m not talking about, I’m talking about a company that actually sells metal tube making machinery. I am constantly working

Gecko Tape May Have Us Climbing The Walls.

If you follow this blog, you know that I’m no fan of rechargeable batteries. The majority of our battery customers use batteries in wireless microphones, and the performance of rechargeables in this application has real problems. Still, we do support