Month: June 2009

Take The Big Mick Challenge

Big Mick Hughes is one of the best known live sound engineers in the concert industry.  He is the long time front-of-house mixer for Metallica, a larger than life personality, and until now, someone whose reputation as a legend was

Copper Prices

  I came across an interesting article in last week’s Wall Street Journal regarding the continuing strength of commodity prices based on demand in China. This article speculated that a lot of the Chinese buying was a stockpiling of material

Looks Like Google “knol” Is Going “Knolwhere”

I said I’d get back to you with a report regarding Google “knol”, their new project to build a knowledge base. I posted two knol articles back at the end of April to see if Google was ready to take

Hit “Upside the Head” With A Mic Stand

I was helping unpack a large shipment of microphone stands yesterday, when I got a great “blast from the past“.  I am always amazed at the sorts of experiences that will turn back the clock for a few minutes. I