Month: May 2007

Why The Internet Hates Miles Davis

Miles Davis, the famous jazz trumpeter, once said “don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there”. That may be great advice for a musician learning to improvise, but it would not have gotten much traction with internet search engines. When

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How’s This For Return On Investment?

Most of our gaffers tape customers use gaffers tape for securing cables to the floor. The keep people from tripping over wires when its necessary to run cables across a stage or in an area where there is lots of

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How the Mighty Have Fallen

After holding the #1 postion in google search for the term “gaffers tape” for several years, we fell to #2 behind wikipedia and then, last week, we slipped to #3. We spend lots of time optimizing our web pages for

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The Law of Unintended Consequences

I’m not a chemist (don’t even play one on tv), but a phone call from a prospective customer yesterday had me thinking about how little attention I paid in high school chemistry. The stage manager for a well known Chicago

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Just How Smart Is An “Intelligent Microphone Cable”?

My son and one of his friends have started podcasting. They record audio only to a digital camcorder and then transfer it to his computer for uploading. This works pretty well and I applaud him for coming up with a

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Is More Better?

We’re ready to roll out a new domain, and my task is to create new content to support this domain. We want to both make it more useful to our customers and appealing to search engines. While I enjoy the

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Have They Added A “May Fools Day”

No sooner had I written about being taken in on an April Fools hoax for a “wireless extension cord” than I come across this. The article was about a product that can wirelessly transmit power for recharging to any device

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