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Switch 8 Has The Potential To Lighten The Stagehands Load

“As Seen On The Radio”

I wrote a while back on the subject of how people who produce video in front of live audiences are blind to anything that the camera does not see, regardless of what the audience in the hall might be viewing.

How Do We Get Rid of These Things?

One of the unfortunate aspects of expendable sales, is they create a lot of waste. Batteries are an important part of modern day life, but it does present a waste issue. Even recycleable batteries must be disposed of once they

This Experiment Didn’t Take Long

As the raw material in batteries continues to increase in price, we feel real pressure to try and save customers some money. We’ve steadily watched the cost of alkaline batteries increase, so I like to test non-name brand competition whenever

Flashlight News

We get lots of pitches from manufacturers of the types of products we sell, hoping that we will consider offering their product at our web sites. Our profile online is pretty high, so a lot of sales people find us.

Put Some Power In Your Clicks

Google news alerts served up this article today about a new Duracell program to distribute flashlights and batteries to fire departments. Duracell’s “Hours of Power” program will make donations  to fire departments  in New York, Chicago, Knoxville Tenn., Springfield Mo.

I Doubt If This Is Going To Solve The Energy Crisis

Duracell is getting lots of press for their promotional stunt of using a bunch of bicycle-powered generators to power the 2009 sign that will appear in Times Square on New Years Eve. While this may get Duracell lots of notice

Don’t Forget To Water Your Par Cans

There are lots of very exciting things happening in the development of new lighting technologies.  The desire to save energy and use fewer natural resources in lighting manufacturing means that big changes are right around the corner. General Electric is

Duracell Continues Move Towards A Sale

Proctor and Gamble has made a major move towards confirming rumors about the sale of its Duracell division with the announcement that The Blackstone Group has been retained to advise it on finding a buyer. The Duracell brand generates  over

A Real Problem

I have written before about counterfeit Duracell batteries, but I had no idea how big the problem really was. Gillette, the division of Proctor & Gamble that makes Duracell Procell batteries is involved in a daily struggle around the world