Month: July 2011

Flashlight News

We get lots of pitches from manufacturers of the types of products we sell, hoping that we will consider offering their product at our web sites. Our profile online is pretty high, so a lot of sales people find us.

Small Town TV Stations Join The White Space Debate

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The ongoing battle for available broadcast spectrum for new consumer devices has opened on another front. Dell has joined giants like Google and Microsoft in the fight to control wireless spectrum, but it appears that they are trying to come

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Forget About Ever Getting Gaffers Tape “Back In The Box”

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When we started selling adhesive backed tapes back in the 1980’s, information regarding manufacturers, specifications, name brands, etc. were pretty straight forward Over the last 25 years we have continued to see consolidation of manufacturing and brand names in a

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A Box of Shakespeare


We‘ve been involved in the New York theatre market for many years, supplying tape products to some of the most successful productions on Broadway. Getting the show up and running is one thing. Getting the whole theatre up and running

Automatic mic stand

Since we sell mic stands, I am not really too focused on highlighting web sites that are in direct competition with us. Still, I just came across a product that is too cool to ignoreWhile the notion of spending $800.00

Where are new techs going to come from?

I read a lot of audio, video and special events trade magazines (most of them are free) and I have been struck lately by the apparent age of the technicians that are profiled. The average age of most of these

A left handed solution

We sell tape. Every box we ship is sealed with tape. Almost every box we ship contains tape. Sometimes it seems like we live and breathe tape. Still, for some reason we have trouble making the boxes that leave our