Month: August 2011

Blowin’ in the Wind

You’re setting up for an outdoor event and that means it’s all but guaranteed that 30 minutes before the event is over, but well after dark, the bottom will drop out of the sky, promising a load out in the

How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall? Join the Stagehands Union

I spent a number of years working as a union stagehand, rising to the position of vice-president of my local and enjoying a steady income while seeing lots of great shows.  I gave this sort of work up several years

The Tower of Babel

One of my favorite Bible stories is The Tower of Babel, where God comes down to the people of Babylon who have built a great tower and causes them to no longer be able to understand what they are saying

So Much for the “Warm” Analog Sound

USB microphones have begun to make inroads in semi-pro audio, primarily among podcasters, since it allows you to record directly to your computer without a mixer or preamp.  Sound quality is much better than the mic built into most computers.

It’s Getting Tougher to Find the Deals

A troubling new pricing trend is developing in online pricing and it’s making things more difficult if you are looking for a deal. Pressure from manufacturers to control the price that online merchants charge for certain items mean that more and

Is the Customer Always Right?

I try to spend a few minutes each day reading up on ideas related to sound business practices. There is an unending source of good (and sometimes not so good) ideas for business management available. One of the ideas that

North Carolina Production Companies-Take A Bow!

I have written from time to time about the great free magazines available to the concert and special events production industries.  They are advertiser supported (thus, they are free) but they have lots of high quality articles and educational material.

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An Education In Your Mailbox

I spend several hours a day reading, and the bulk of my time is spent with technical journals. I never cease to be amazed at how willing publishers of magazines oriented towards the entertainment production and audio visual industries are

Did Perry Mason Need an LCD Projector?

It’s always interesting to stumble upon a new type of customer for our products, and I have noticed recently that we are getting more and more orders from lawyers and courts. More and more lawyers offices and courts are struggling

What I Learned in 30 Years of Concert Production

Until recently, my chosen career was in concert and special event production.  I spent more than 30 years doing sound, lighting, staging and event management.  It was a great run-I got to see the country and make dozens of great friends.  I