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Pinouts App -One More Task Your Phone Can Take Over

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Audio and video pros who have  all sorts of random “how to wire it” data rolling around in their heads can now turn the task over to their smart phone and stop even pretending that they remember how to wire

“Did You Change The Batteries?”

That’s the first thing any singer, minister, ceo or broadcaster is going to ask the sound person when there is a wireless mic failure.  Wireless mics are much more reliable than they were just a few years ago, but they

A Digital Microphone. Really?

A recent trade journal article caught my eye with this headline: Future mics need to be more digital and more controllable. The article goes on to point out the obvious, that sound is inherently analog, involving the moving of air

I Thought We Had Learned Better

Audio pro trade journals usually have some version of a feature known as a “buyers guide”.  Some are more useful than others, and the ones that don’t require a manufacturer to advertise in order to have their products listed usually

Making The Case For An XLR Speaker Cable

Many years ago when I worked in the Technical Services Dept. at Duke University, we embraced a speaker cable connector standard that seems to have fallen by the wayside.  We used the standard XLR3 connector for speaker cables-the same connector that

How Many Times Would I Have Liked To Have This?

Neutrik, the maker of a broad line of audio connectors, has a great new product that every sound person ought to know about.  Its a new style of XLR connector called theConvertcon. How many times have you gotten to the end

So Much for the “Warm” Analog Sound

USB microphones have begun to make inroads in semi-pro audio, primarily among podcasters, since it allows you to record directly to your computer without a mixer or preamp.  Sound quality is much better than the mic built into most computers.

Weak Link in the Chain

Sometime back, I speculated that perhaps we were approaching the point where the sound man would no longer be necessary. I was only half kidding-pointing out that quickly developing digital technology would let the sound system compare what it was “hearing”

Wireless Mic Folklore

As someone who has owned and used wireless microphones for years and now sells lots of batteries for them, wireless mic folklore has been part of my work life for years. Recently, I had a chance to examine something that

Computer Guy, Meet Sound Guy

My experience with using personal computers goes back to the early 1980’s, so I’ve had more than my share of opportunities to set up, take down, reconfigure, and generally wander around computer peripheral cabling. The more I handle this stuff,