Month: April 2007

Does April Fools Day Last All Month?

It may be the last day of April, but I just fell for a great April Fools Joke. It started when I googled “extension cord” to see how we were doing with that search engine. Much to my surprise, one

Shurtape Drops The Other Shoe

If you check by here periodically, you may remember that I wrote about a change in Permacel 665 back in February. The focus of my post was about how pricing on Permacel 665 gaffers tape was out of sync with

Monster Takes A Chainsaw To The Lowly Outlet Strip

You can file this device under “wish I’d thought of it first“. Monster Cable, the company known for its high end (and high priced) audio cable has released their “Outlets To Go Power Strip“, a stripped down, light weight version

A Tip of The Hat To Heil

The online newsletter from Pro Sound News is a great source of news for the pro audio industry. It is avialble through a an online subscripton and there is always an item I find interesting. Heil Sound, a company that

How low will you go?

When you have a domain like and it includes a toll free telephone number, you get a lot of questions. Taking the time to research customer queries has been a great way to grow our business. Today, we got

Customer Service From The Top

There’s an interesting feature on NPR these days, about once a week, called “This I Believe”. It’s a modern take on a broadcast feature from the 1950’s started by Edward R. Murrow. This weeks essay features Craig Newmark, the founder

At The Bottom of The Food Chain

I always enjoy seeing synergy between our customers, even when they might not know that they all have a common relationship with us. When you sell an item everybody uses over and over (we call it “being at the bottom