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Really Friendly Robots

We manage content for lots of blogs, primarily sites that are product specific.  They are all built on the Word Press platform. By default, settings for Word Press allow readers to post comments.  You can moderate the comments and decide

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Gecko Tape May Have Us Climbing The Walls

If you follow this blog, you know that I’m no fan of rechargeable batteries. The majority of our battery customers use batteries in wireless microphones, and the performance of rechargeables in this application has real problems. Still, we do support

How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall? Join the Stagehands Union

I spent a number of years working as a union stagehand, rising to the position of vice-president of my local and enjoying a steady income while seeing lots of great shows.  I gave this sort of work up several years

Your Local High School Needs You

We enjoy working with our local schools and are particularly proud to be involved with the arts curriculum at Northwood High School, the school my daughter attends.  They are finishing up a series of special events this week and we

A real world test for wire ties

There’s nothing like a real world test to let you know if a product performs as got its start doing hands on special event and concert production and began selling the products we used all the time. We don’t

Where Will New Techs Come From? Here Is One Answer

Awhile back, I observed how the pool of concert and special event technicians was aging out and posed a question regarding where new technicians would be coming from.  Little has changed since I posted that article.  The median age for

Revisiting The Wireless Mic “White Space” Issue

Back in June, right after the FCC ruling regarding banning wireless mics that operate in the 700MHz “white space” broadcast spectrum, I made a  prediction. That prediction was that the FCC would let those major telco companies that had bought

Google Maps Pays A Visit

Imagine my surprise when I put our business address into the navigation function of my phone and was served up a picture of our loading dock.  Not the picture that we posted on our web site, but a picture I

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The Only Thing They Grow On This Farm Is Money

My Facebook page was constantly clogged with friends’ postings about games like Farm Ville and Mafia Wars, so I was really happy when someone showed me how to eliminate this sort of posting to my feed.  “Yes, I like you,

Why Did This Take So Long?

By the time you reach my age, changing batteries in the remote control (or anything else) usually starts with a search for my reading glasses.  If I can put the batteries in the wrong way, I will. Microsoft (go figure?)