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A Good Extension Cord is Forever

As I began my garage spring cleaning, I decided to go through the old Christmas decorations, and I was surprised how much I decided to throw away.  Old strings of lights are tough to untangle, almost impossible to fix when

A New Look At An Old Problem

I got lots of interesting comments on my blog about the spacing of the receptacles on wall outlets. Many readers shared my frustration about how this ancient design no longer meets modern users’ needs. Rather than accept my resignation that

Sun Shines On The Mobile Stage Industry

Having spent many years in the outdoor event business, I can tell you that there is nothing as complicated about working outside as the issue of electrical power. When you are producing concerts and other outdoor events you find yourself

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The Death of Television-Part Two

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I wrote several weeks ago about ongoing rumors about Apple bringing a television to the marketplace and how I thought that that window of opportunity had closed for them. The end of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament last night brought

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It Might Be Time To Fire Your Home Security Company

I have posted a number of articles recently about industries that are at risk of being put out of business by free or inexpensive internet applications.  Home security may be the next victim. Recently, I have completed a home security

Is Copper The New Gold?

On a recent cross country plane trip, I found myself seated beside a very talkative Oriental man.  He spoke pretty good English, and after a while I understood that he was a Chinese mining engineer who was on his way

This Will Heat Your House, But Only Once

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The arrival of cold weather also means the arrival of regular front page news stories about people burning down their houses through improper extension cord use. It doesn’t have to be that way. The use of electric space heaters with

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A Good Extension Cord Is Forever

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As I began to dig through Christmas decorations in the garage, i was struck by how much I just decided to throw away.  Strings of twinkle lights are tough to untangle, almost impossible to fix when a lamp burns out

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How Low Will You Go?

When you have a domain like and it includes a toll free telephone number, you get a lot of questions. Taking the time to research customer queries has been a great way to grow our business. Today, we got

A Seasonal Reminder from Google Alerts

I use the Google Alerts notification system in order to track information about our customers, products and vendors.  It’s a great time saver and turns up a lot of unexpected information. One of my alerts is set to the search