Month: September 2006

A warranty not worth the paper it’s printed on! is about batteries. Duracell Procell batteries. The kind you use in flashlights, wireless mics and electronics. We don’t sell automotive batteries, but maybe we should. Here’s what happened to me yesterday. I have to keep lots of vehicles on

A good product is hard to find

I took a call this morning from a customer interested in our M1 Adhesive Remover. We have just recently added some cleaning products to our web site, and this led to an interesting discussion with our new customer. First off,

Laser microphone technology

One of my favorite blogs is engadget. Every day brings info about a “must have” item or something that I wish had been available when I was working as a sound person. I got out of the sound business at

good publicity for gaffers tape

I wouldn’t be one to say that “any publicity is good publicity” but publicity like this is great. We were mentioned in a recent print addtion of “Better Homes and Gardens-Wood ,a magazine about woodworking as a source for gaffers

Rechargeable AA from Moxia Energy

We have avoided selling rechargeable batteries because we just really didn’t feel like the technology currently available gave good value to the customer. The combination of the cost, the decreased battery life over time, and the inability to predict performance

Proctor and Gamble – Duracell

I got the answer to my question about copper in the CopperTop a lot sooner than I expected and it certainly wasn’t the answer I had hoped for.As you may well be aware, Gillette, the maker of Procell Batteries, has

Durham Art Project

To tell you the truth, selling audio visual supplies is not always the most exciting thing in the world, even when you are working with really great customers. That is why we jumped at the chance to be involved in