Month: July 2012

The New Digital Divide-It’s Not What You Think It Is

There is lots of talk about something called a “digital divide”.  It is a reference to the economy, to poverty, and to how lack of access to technology, particularly the internet, is creating a new level of poverty in our

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Selling The User Experience

We love a web site called  It is run by a well known designer named Peter Buchanan, and started out selling, of all things, axes with hand painted handles. The axes quickly took on the cachet of  being works

Will Conductive Ink Impact What You Pay For An Extension Cord

Doesn’t really make much sense does it? Let me explain. New developments in ink technology may someday soon lessen the need for copper in producing electronic devices.  Less demand for copper could mean lower prices for the copper items we

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“Queen Elizabeth, Tear Down This Wall”

Every summer at about this time, we see a spike in sales of bifilament tape, a product primarily used for bundling and packaging heavy items.  It is a vinyl tape with fiberglass reinforcing threads which run at right angles all

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