Month: January 2008

Is This The “BandAid” Of The Tape World

I got a call this morning from a stage designer who had been asked to finish temporary stage with a “Marley” floor. We don’t sell portable dance floors, but we do score well with Google Search for the term “Marley

School’s Not Out Forever After All!

My first job in the entertainment industry was as a stagehand, helping produce concerts at UNC, my alma mater. I was hooked after my first show. One of my earliest experiences was working on an Alice Cooper show. Building a

Are You Sure Its Shure?

I’ve written a couple of posts about counterfeit batteries. They continue to be a big problem for legitimate battery sellers. has an article today about a new counterfeit issue that the pro sound and audio visual production community needs

Looking For “Value Added”

When your business is primarily distribution of products, it can be difficult to add easily perceived value to what you sell. I grew up in the printing business where a publisher was able to apply ink to paper and create

Now, That’s One Tough Mic Stand

We’re considering producing some “how to” videos to add to, so I did a Youtube search to get a sense of what might be out there. Not a lot really, so I am hoping that we can put together

They Won’t Lose This Cord Anytime Soon!

A newspaper article headline in the business section of yesterdays Raleigh, NC News & Observer caught my eye. “Losing The Cords On Flat TVs” Thinking this AP article might be about extension cords, I read a little before realizing that

Who Has Time To Write This Stuff?

When I got back from taking a few days off at Christmas I had over 5000 email messages in my inbox. I have had my email address on hundreds of web pages for over ten years, so I’ve become some