Month: January 2009

A Renaissance In Customer Service?

At dinner last night my wife commented on a very positive lunch experience she had had at a local sandwich shop.  She was taken with how gracious the clerk was and how hard this employee worked to make a good

Our Little Town

When we take a phone order, quite often the first question we get is”where are you guys located?.”  Usually, that’s because the customer wants some idea of how quickly they can receive their order. We are proud to tell them

I Don’t Play Cello But I Could Have Done This

One of the highlights of this week’s inauguration ceremony was the performance of a John Williams piece by a well known classical quartet made up of Yo-Yo Ma (cello), Itzhak Perlman (violin), Gabriela Montero (piano) and Anthony McGill (clarinet).  It

Circuit City Closing Leads To Customer “Short Circuit”

It’s  a long standing business business practice that the “seller sets the terms“.  While its true that you can bargain with a vendor if you think they will sell at a lower price,  in the end, if you are not

Maybe They Should Rename it “You Learn”

An article in last Sunday’s New York Times made me aware of a new web surfing habit I have developed without even thinking about it. The basis for the Times article was how web users, particularly young peope, were using

Wonder If They Gave Him A Gold Nose Ring?

I wrote a piece  sometime back regarding where new concert sound techs were going to come from.  The pro sound industry continues to “gray” and pursuing jobs in concert production attracts fewer and fewer young people interested in this career.

What’s In A Name

My last several blog posts have centered on issues related to search engine optimization, and the more I read about this important area of web development, the more I come to realize that not nearly enough time is spent on

Is The Customer Always Right?

I try to spend a few minutes each day reading up on ideas related to sound business practices. There is an unending source of good (and sometimes not so good) ideas for business management available. One of the ideas that

Google Says “Find Your Niche”!

There are probably as many theories about how to optimize a web site for search engines as there are web developers who do search engine optimization. Some developers do a really good job of making a web site more “search