Month: March 2013

Can Techshop Create A New Generation of Makers

I don’t watch much Youtube video, and certainly didn’t think that I would make it through more than the first couple of minutes of a video about a company called Techshop. 15 minutes in, I was totally engrossed, and when

Waze Gets Crowd Sourcing Right

After having my Google Maps GPS indicate that my drive home every afternoon included a half mile jaunt through a cornfield (it failed to update to include a realignment of our road), I decided that it might be time to

We’re All “Pros” In The Tape Industry

I got a call first thing this morning from a prospective customer who was looking for a new tape supplier.  That’s a great way to start the day. He began by telling me that he was “firing” his current supplier

Any Color You Want, As Long As It Is Black

Unlike a lot of online companies, we still have a toll free phone number (four, actually) and we still answer the phone.  The questions we get are almost always more easily answered online through our content-rich web sites, but we

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Hosa Raises The Bar With New Cable Tester

Most “failures” of  sound equipment and other electronics are not component failures at all, but rather they are cable failures.  The cables that interconnect system components take a lot more punishment than the hardware they hook together and this is

Passing The “Duct Tape Test”

I edit another blog (product specific) called  It is focused on products used to produce trade shows. Recently I came across a trade show concept called “The Duct Tape Test“.  Obviously, any trade show idea that is focused on