We’re All “Pros” In The Tape Industry

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I got a call first thing this morning from a prospective customer who was looking for a new tape supplier.  That’s a great way to start the day.

He began by telling me that he was “firing” his current supplier because their gaffers tape was no longer sticky enough.  He was getting ready to return his most recent purchase.

I told him about the gaffers tapes we sell and then asked him who he was currently buying from.  One of the gaffers tapes we sell, and the one I recommended was Pro Gaffer.  The conversation almost ended right there, because he told me the product he was returning was Pro Gaffer.  I was familiar with his current supplier and knew that Pro Gaffer was not in their line.

It turns out that what he had was a tape from another manufacturer that had been re-branded as “Pro Grade Gaffers Tape”.  I told him that, but instead of clearing up the confusion, it just took us further down the rabbit hole.

By now he was looking at our selection of gaffers tape online, and of course, he immediately wanted to know about Shurtape Professional Grade gaffers tape, yet another use of the term “Pro”.

I explained that the Shurtape product used a special adhesive designed to work in extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) and was a lot more expensive than other tapes.

Anyway, he solved the “Pro” problem by ordering Shurtape 665, the only one that did not have “pro” as part of its name.

We hope he likes it.

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