Month: August 2010

Need A Wireless Mic? Don’t Join “The 700 Club”

Even though the FCC ruling regarding outlawing certain types of wireless mics has been in effect for more than two months, there are lots of unscrupulous vendors still selling equipment designed to 0perate in the restricted 700 MHz (698 MHz

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Revisiting The Wireless Mic “White Space” Issue

Back in June, right after the FCC ruling regarding banning wireless mics that operate in the 700MHz “white space” broadcast spectrum, I made a  prediction. That prediction was that the FCC would let those major telco companies that had bought

Google Maps Pays A Visit

Imagine my surprise when I put our business address into the navigation function of my phone and was served up a picture of our loading dock.  Not the picture that we posted on our web site, but a picture I

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How’s Business?-Here’s A Good Indicator

All the business news shows spend most of their time speculating on whether or not the recession is over and looking for ways to measure how American business is responding to the economic downturn. Here’s one of our favorite indicators.