Month: February 2009

Let Your Customers Design Your Web Pages

I enjoy designing and posting web pages for our sites, and try to make sure I put something new online almost every day.  It is really easy to consider a web page to be “finished” when it is posted and

Doing The Job You’re Best At

I really like reading the newspaper.  I subscribe to three dailies and try to read them almost every day.  There are lots of good sources to get more current news, but they don’t allow for the same pace of absorbing

Weak Link In The Chain

Sometime back, I speculated that perhaps we were approaching the point where the sound man would no longer be necessary. I was only half kidding-pointing out that quickly developing digital technology would let the sound system compare what it was

Intelligently Searching For Intelligent Search

I subscribe to a news alert service provided by Forbes Magazine and find that about once a day I will click on a link to one of their business-oriented stories.  They are useful and well written. This morning they sent