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The Super Bowl In Six Minutes

We’ve never been big fans of the Super Bowl, but the half time show is another matter entirely. Even if I am not particularly interested in the performer, the logistics of putting on an event of this magnitude is fascinating.

You’re My Customer and “You’re Fired”

One of the most annoying platitudes in all of business is “the customer is always right”. Who are you kidding? Any business that automatically stands on the side of the customer instead of their own employees is going to be

Duracell In The Cloud? That’s Fine, Unless It Starts Raining D Cells

The latest company to join the race to store your online data is an unlikely one. Duracell cloud storage for business is taking on Dropbox, Google Drive and other online storage services that will store your data on their servers,

Gypsies, Tramps, Thieves, Cher and Me

Years ago, I had a dream where I sneaked a wireless mic into a Cher arena show, used a scanner to locate one of her backup singers wireless mic frequencies and then accompanied her on a duet of “Gypsies, Tramps

A New Look At An Old Problem

I got lots of interesting comments on my blog about the spacing of the receptacles on wall outlets. Many readers shared my frustration about how this ancient design no longer meets modern users’ needs. Rather than accept my resignation that

Duracell Steps Up The Voltage For Hurricane Victims

Duracell has brought its fleet of “Power Forward” portable power center to the New York City area to provide charging stations, batteries and flashlights to residents who are still without power after hurricane Sandy. In addition to charging stations, the

Hurricane Sandy Requires Re-Examination of Rechargeable Battery Use

There is has been a slow but steady migration towards the use of devices utilizing rechargaeable batteries for emergency services personnel.  The combination of more reliability and longer life have led to cost savings and reduces the amount of batteries

A Round Peg in a Square Hole

Recent responses to an older blog posting about using XLR connectors on speaker cables caught me by surprise. It  got me  thinking about how ongoing evolution in this connector system has allowed it to stay relevant through generation after generation of

How Many More Ways Can They Miss The Point

The stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair continues to work its way through the legal system, with yet another opportunity to increase stage safety squandered. A judge who is overseeing a number of aspects of the case has now

Battery Recycling Finally Lands In The Right Laps

The Wall Street Journal’s online publication, Market Watch, reports that the  presidents of the five major alkaline battery manufacturers in the United States met last week in an attempt to move forward a major initiative on consumer battery recycling. This

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