Duracell In The Cloud? That’s Fine, Unless It Starts Raining D Cells

battery barney from goodbuyguys.comThe latest company to join the race to store your online data is an unlikely one. Duracell cloud storage for business is taking on Dropbox, Google Drive and other online storage services that will store your data on their servers, for a fee.

Duracell’s service is focused on businesses, and while it is comparatively expensive, it offers some features not offered by competitors.

Unlike other services which charge based on the amount of data that is hosted, the Duracell service is for unlimited storage capacity. In addition, Duracell actually provides you with a physical server, onsite, to host your cloud storage locally, as a redundant backup and local source.

Perhaps the most unique, and potentially appealing aspect of this new service, is the “round the clock” customer service and a combination of local and cloud storage which provides a very high level of redundancy.

Duracell claims that their cloud storage is up to 100 times faster than the competition.

You can learn more about Duracell cloud storage by clicking here.

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