Month: May 2011

This Post Isn’t About Gaffers Tape But It Is

On another blog I edit, I commented on news stories about a clothing manufacturer called General Pants who was taking flack about using sex to sell clothes in the mall.  Unbelieveable, right? Anyway, responding to complaints about mall window advertising

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I Don’t Care When You’re “Closed”. I Only Care When You Are Open

I wonder who was the person who came up with that ubiquitous sign you see on almost every business’s door, the one with the orange block letters on the black background that says I know you’re closed.  I can tell

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Use Less Tape? That’s Alright With Us!

In the face of ongoing price increases from every tape manufacturer and converter we deal with, we’ve decided that it’s time to pass on some tips on getting your job done with less tape. Tape is a great tool and

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Solving The Speakon Mystery

One of the most common questions we get is about using our Speakon connector equipped speaker cables.  It’s a good question and it is very easy to understand why a customer might be confused. There are three versions of the

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We Could See This One Coming

We count lots of smaller, mid-market arenas as good customers, and have been in the supply business for long enough to see lots of changes in the development of 3000-10,000 seat venues.  While it’s great to have new customers,  it

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And Now For My Second Act…

I have written before about how live event production is failing to attract new, young talent and how this industry, particularly concert sound production, continues to “gray”. The most recent edition of Front of House magazine (one of my favorite

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What Do Travelers Want? More Holes In The Wall

There was nothing really surprising in a recent article in The New York Times about amenities that travelers want.  They want outlets to plug in all the electronic gadgets they travel with. After spending a few days in a very

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Can “Less” Mean More? Maybe This Time

Glow Tape From

Someone from our shipping department handed me a roll of glow tape yesterday and said it was mislabeled.  The box said 1 inch by 10 yards (our standard size) but the roll was obviously smaller in diameter (shorter) and weighed

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When Using Google Is Just Too Hard

I spend a lot of time doing customer service.  The products we sell lead to many application-related customer questions, and since I have the most “hands on” experience using the products we sell, answering these questions often falls to me.

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Are You Ready To Pay For Their “Free” Shipping

Free shipping is all the rage in e-commerce these days, and it appears that major online retailers have actually convinced internet shoppers that shipping really is free. You don’t have to apply much thought to this before it becomes apparent

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