This Post Isn’t About Gaffers Tape But It Is

On another blog I edit, I commented on news stories about a clothing manufacturer called General Pants who was taking flack about using sex to sell clothes in the mall.  Unbelieveable, right?

Anyway, responding to complaints about mall window advertising that featured a partially clothed model with gaffers tape covering her breasts, General Pants agreed to “censor” the campaign.

Well, it’s a month later and the General Pants campaign is still making the news.  A story in yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald (General Pants is an Australian brand) gives the story even longer legs.

At this point,  it is difficult to believe that General Pants wasn’t hoping for and planning for “negative” publicity from the beginning. is your online source for Permacel gaffers tape,Duracell Procell batteries,  Nashua duct tapeBay State wire tiesHosa and Entertainment One extension cords and OnStage Stand mic stands.  Occasionally we also rant!

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