Month: January 2007

“George, George, George of the Jungle, Watch Out For That Tree”

I subscribe to a great service (it’s free) called Google News Alerts, which sends me emails linking to stories, based on keywords that I enter into my profile. One of my keywords is “glow tape” and I got a great

What’s This Got To Do With Duct Tape?

We spend a lot of time working on web marketing and there are lots of good online resources for those who sell products and services on the web. One of my favorites is Duct Tape Marketing. Its a great resource

Low End Products for High End Customers

Sometimes its hard to get excited about selling the sorts of rather mundane products we offer. We got involved in expendable sales after years of being involved in a really interesting industry-concert and special event production. Tape sales certainly don’t

End of the holidays

Well, New Year’s Day has come and gone, so its time to pack away the decorations for another year. Its always really tempting to just stuff them in plastic bags and pitch them into the garage, but I’ve come to