Month: July 2007

Sad Day For The Sports Page

I’ve never been a big sports fan, but I began to follow some major sports when we had a chance to supply some very high profile events like the Super Bowl, NFL Playoffs, and The Kentucky Derby, etc. Knowing that

Why Can’t We Sell MagLites?

After working on it for almost a year, last summer we were finally able to get a dealership for MagLites. I have enjoyed using these flashlights for years (every stagehand has one) and I was confident that the would be

Do You Really Want This In Your Hand?

I have periodically written in this space about the problems with using rechargeable batteries in wireless microphones. My primary concern regards being able to accurately predict the discharge rate for this type of battery and the problems they can cause

Who Goes First

I have written a number of times about the recent retiring of the Permacel brand name for gaffers tape. It has caused a minor upheaval in our marketing and shipping departments, but most customers seem willing to accept the change.

I’m Not An Ebay Fan

We’ve been trying, with some success, to establish an Ebay presence for some time. Our Ebay store, BuyMicStand, has had some limited sales success and I guess we will stick with it for awhile longer. The difficulty of posting. selling,