Month: January 2010

Who’s The Winner Here? Probably Not You

This week’s announcement that the US Justice Dept. would allow the merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster is a game changer for the entertainment industry. If you’ve attended a major concert or other arena event recently, you realize that you

Since When Is Google An Entrepeneur?

This blog has been following the “white space” debate (issues regarding reallocation of broadcast spectrum used for wireless mics) for some time.  What appears as a “final decision” by the FCC regarding the date for ending use of the 700MHz

Might Be Time For A Password Change

If the password for your bank account is 123456, you’re in good company.  Apparently the need for difficult to guess (read, difficult to hack) passwords is lost on millions of internet users. As more and more financial and other sensitive

The Final Word-For Now

The FCC has issued yet another “final ruling” regarding reallocation of the 700 mHZ broadcast spectrum, that part of the spectrum used, until recently, for wireless microphones. As reported in the New York Times (Jan. 16, 2010), the FCC is

A Round Peg In A Square Hole

Recent responses to an older blog posting about using XLR connectors on speaker cables caught me by surprise. It  got me  thinking about how ongoing evolution in this connector system has allowed it to stay relevant through generation after generation

Just Call Us At 1-800-We’ve-Got-No-Phone

I doubt if I’m the only one that finds irony in Google’s latest customer service problem.  They’re selling phones, but apparently they don’t have any of their own. The new Nexus One cell phone was released earlier this month, but

No Wonder Google Wants To Sell Hardware

The ongoing battle between the Google mobile operating system for cell phones and Apple’s IPhone was accelerated last week with the release of the Nexus One, a smart phone that is actually branded as a Google device. There has been

This Thing Is Too Smart To Be Called A Phone

Last Saturday I attended a women’s basketball game at UNC Chapel Hill, my alma mater.  A major multi-million dollar renovation of Carmichael Auditorium was being unveiled and I was anxious to see the upgrades to the building where I worked

How We Treat Our Best Customers

I rarely go to the grocery store during the week, but I was out of the office this morning and stopped by to pick up something for lunch. I grabbed a couple of items and jumped in the express line. 

Think Twitter Doesn’t Matter? Dell Knows Better!

Dell’s recent failure to deliver Christmas computers before the big day has proven the power of Twitter in a big way.  Tweets about products and delivery times have caught the attention of no less than the New York Times. Every